Wagyu Flank

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Flank cut. Very tasty and juicy. A unique way and accessible way to taste wagyu.

Vacuum-aged 35 days.


Wagyu Flank

A unique flank from the Wagyu breed. Its abundant marbling gives it unique flavors and juiciness unmatched to other flanks. A flank cut, with a fibrous and very tasty texture. Savour it naturally or with a sauce. Rubs are not necessary.

Cooking tips

Here are some cooking and preparation tips for successful BBQing:

  • Temper your meat properly (from 30 to 45 minutes) so that the internal temperature heats up quickly and your piece of meat does not lower the temperature of your grill
  • Always use your BBQ in a location sheltered from the wind. This will keep the temperature constant.
  • Cook at a very high temperature. Place thicker steaks and more complicated items to cook first so that you can serve all steaks at the same time.
  • Use the palm of your hand as a guide for cooking your steaks (ask a La Bête representative to explain this technique).
  • The steak rub (seasoned salt) is always added after cooking. Place it on the table and your guests will season according to their tastes. Enjoy your meal!