Wagyu Delmonico


Rib eye boneless steak from the Wagyu breed from Tasmania.

Dry-aged 55 days.

Subject to availability
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Wagyu Delmonico 

Dry-aged boneless rib eye steak from the Wagyu breed. A cut for connoisseurs and anybody who wants to experience something unique. A very tasty and juicy meat due to its bone and the nodule of fat located in the centre. Increased tenderness due to the abundance of marbling and especially on the spinalis (a muscle located on the edge of the rib, which is the softest and tastiest part of the beef). 

Cooking tips

Here are some cooking and preparation tips for successful BBQing:

  • Temper your meat properly (from 30 to 45 minutes) so that the internal temperature heats up quickly and your piece of meat does not lower the temperature of your grill
  • Always use your BBQ in a location sheltered from the wind. This will keep the temperature constant.
  • Cook at a very high temperature. Place thicker steaks and more complicated items to cook first so that you can serve all steaks at the same time.
  • Use the palm of your hand as a guide for cooking your steaks (ask a La Bête representative to explain this technique).
  • The steak rub (seasoned salt) is always added after cooking. Place it on the table and your guests will season according to their tastes. Enjoy your meal!

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