New York AAA Roast

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AAA roast striploin aged 40 days

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Suggested portion: 2/3 lb. per person


Certificat de la qualité du boeuf


New York

AAA-quality sirloin. This is the noblest piece of beef, which is vacuum-aged for 40 days. It is tender, tasty, and is easily recognized by the layer of fat on the outside. Striploin is the meat with the best marbling. Connoisseurs will enjoy the true quality of our AAA New York, aged 40 days.

Beef quality

Our meats are carefully selected and cut by our head butcher Louis Lévesque. We age our beef in an dry-aging room equipped with bricks of Himalayan pink salt. Under a controlled temperature and humidity, we age our meats for a period ranging from 35 to 65 days, depending on the cut. The steaks are delicately cut and prepared on a daily basis for service in the dining room or at our butcher shop.


In addition to the benefit of the dry-aging process, meats served at La Bête Bar-Steakhouse and at the STEAK OUT butcher shop are part of the Certified Angus Beef Program, certifying that the beef is Angus. The Angus breed stores fat more easily, producing much more abundant marbling (intramuscular fat). This melts when cooked and gives the meet exceptional taste, juiciness and tenderness. La Bête offers beef that meet the two highest standards of quality classification:



  • PRIME beef is the rank of excellence in beef grading.
  • The PRIME category is given when the meat has very abundant marbling.
  • Less than 1.5% of beef are given this standard of quality.



Less than 11% of beef meet the specifications required to obtain the Certified Angus Beef Program’s AAA Seal.


Certificat de la qualité du boeufBoeuf de qualité prime


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    $ 31.95