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Steak Out Butcher Shop

Browse our selection of meats through the windows of La Bête’s Steak Out butcher shop, which is located in the restaurant entrance. Enjoy the same quality of beef and products we serve in the restaurant, but in the comforts of your own home!


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We are passionate about quality

Our butcher’s shop is an authentic “meat house”, and is the source of our expertise. Each cut of meat is done according to the rules of preparation, which respect the maturity, weight, cooking and storage of our exceptional beef cuts.


From the Boston Prime to Wagyu Beef, AAA New York, AAA Kansas, Angus Beef or the famous filet mignon, our meat cuts are a product of a long and painstaking process. Our master butchers carefully select our products and they personally oversee the meat’s daily maturing. Our dry aging chamber with pink Himalayan salt bricks optimizes the meat’s flavours, marbling and tenderness, and aging can take between 35 and 65 days. Our products are served in the restaurant or to take home so that you can appreciate our chefs’ talents during an unforgettable dining experience.


For meat “aficionados”, get advice from our chefs and butchers about perfect cooking, the choice of accompaniment, a gourmet sauce or an entrée that will whet your taste buds and delight your guests.


Discover our famous tartars and our succulent roasts, which are La Bête’s exclusive specialties, and keep an eye on our social networks to take advantage of our numerous packages and promotions. Do you want an original idea? Get a gift card, experience and repeat the La Bête experience as often as you want.